My clinic

My clinic

Physical and psychological well-being are two sides of the same coin. Rino Mastromauro is fully convinced of this and his practice is based exactly on this principle,  so much so that it is what completely characterizes his clinic  in Via Annunziata 49.

Not by chance does Rino Mastromauro’s approach involve the delineation of a psychological and physical profile. Twenty years of practice in the field has led him to consider that most   physical problems arise from anxiety and stress. This is the reason why, in order for the treatment to be successful, the patient, should feel comfortable and at ease, he or she should make himself/herself  at home and be in a state of total relaxation.

And alas the importance of  the clinic’s soft lights and relaxing music all within a welcoming atmosphere.

The clinic is equipped with a waiting room  followed by a consultation room, a place where the patient gets to speak  and relate before reaching the area where the manipulative techniques are performed. The session has a preliminary and unavoidable basis:  the only tools used are hands and words.

A philosophy that is based on one principle: evaluating the person as a whole, not just his illness.