Biodynamic osteopathy

Biodynamic osteopathy

Very often my patients ask me, once a session is over, how come I had my hands resting on a part of their body  nearly throughout the whole session without moving them,  unlike a traditional osteopathic  treatment. I explain that it is a therapeutic approach called biodynamic, or better, “Present and Quiet  Movement” (therapeutic practice that is obtained after a three year course once you have become an Osteopath).

What does this approach consist of?

While osteopathic techniques are applied in the same way on different patients, biodynamics enhances the body’s own  ability to self-repair, thus generating a  self-healing process.

It is well known that what controls the body’s  functions are the laws of physics but, in particular, it is quantum physics which tells us why health  recovery and strengthening  occur through this therapeutic approach.

The osteopath evaluates  the tissue and body fluids’ movements,  gently resting his/her hands (mainly on the skull, sacrum, spine, ankles, abdomen) and then tries to restore a balance, favouring the functions of the lymph, intra and extra cellular fluids and of the cephalic-rachid fluid.

This is how the patient reconnects with his/her own nature, that is to say, with the original embryological structures, retracing the various stages of the various structures’  development during the treatment. In doing so, it is moving towards a self-healing process by  reorganizing  any imbalances that may have disrupted the body at any recent or remote moment.


The field in which it can be applied is vast:

  • Structural and or functional neonatal dysfunctions
  • Child behaviour disorders
  • Pregnancy and post natal
  • Immune system alterations
  • Endocrine system alterations
  • Osteoarticular and visceral disorders
  • Cranium-facial anomalies
  • Imbalances resulting from pharmacological therapies (antibiotics, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, vaccines, anesthesia, etc.)
  • stress, anxiety, depression, menopause
  • …etc.

Biodynamics has no contraindications and can be applied to people of all ages, from the newborn to the elderly.