The Mastromauro Method®

The Mastromauro Method®

The Mastromauro Method derives from a long on the job experience and still today continues to evolve and progress.                                                                                                                                      The Method refers to principles of osteopathy, biodynamic osteopathy (Present and Quiet Movement), quantum physics, psychology, posturology and nutrition.

It’s just a small contribution in the wide range of the methods that aim to improve posture and man’s psycho-physical well-being while its purpose is rebalancing one’s posture.

To achieve this goal, we focus on the search to  balance  mind, body and spirit and  adapt to the ever changing environment around us, hence strengthening the health that “lies within us”!

The method consists of a “natural” path associated with nutritional advice, and contributes to:

  • Fight stress and anxiety
  • Strengthen the “health system”
  • Restoring mental and physical energy
  • Improve concentration
  • Improve postural related problems
  • Improve vertebral pain, back pain (neck pain, lumbago, etc.)
  • Train to a reach a greater “self awareness”, improving your potential

It is therefore a method also used by competitive athletes to prevent injuries, for psycho-postural recovery and to improve one’s performance.

It can benefit people whose jobs convey stress, anxiety and mental fatigue. For example, artists, actors, entrepreneurs, managers, teachers, etc.

Every man possesses all the necessary tools inside him  to improve his state of well-being, his health and his lifestyle, these tools  are used to generate and maintain an inner “quietness”; the method aims to make the person aware of this, trying to eliminate what very often hinders this awareness, that is, stress and anxiety!

The interaction between body and mind, the ways in which emotions and personality can have a huge impact on the function and health of every cell in the body is now widely recognized. Stress makes us more vulnerable to illnesses, influencing the ways in which some of us react to these stressors.

The consideration that led me to create this method arises from the question that I have asked myself in the so many years dedicated to postural rebalancing: can postural exercises performed  “voluntarily”, therefore with awareness, recover paramorphisms or other problems that are expressed in everyday life involuntarily, also conditioned by negative psycho-emotional influences?

During my work experience I have noticed that there are often limits to inducing awareness related work, one that only involves the central nervous system.

These limits can be overcome by taking “involuntary” into account, ie the moment in which the problem arises, then working  in a different “mental state” for example, involving the autonomic nervous system, thus avoiding the  negative emotional influences of cognitive obstacles. A task which leads to  complete recovery from the problem.

Making use of this Method completes but does not replace the common, normal treatments and medical treatments practiced by qualified doctors.

The Mastromauro Method restores mental and physical energy, providing correct postural rebalancing because posture is a part of our  psychophysical  DNA!