Mission & Vision


Rino Mastromauro’s method  does not consist of applying simple standard techniques  to solve problems. What guides him is total dedication to an approach that observes the patient from a Psycho-Physical point of view, rather than simply evaluating the ailment itself.

“I think it’s wrong – he says of his work – to think that the boundary of our being is limited by the perimeter of our body. There is no boundary, we are energy in the universe and as such we are like antennas that can receive or transmit thoughts, emotions, feelings, throughout the space in which we are immersed, without being subject to the laws of time … The only limit to all this is represented by us “.

Limited by our beliefs and  the illusions of simplification. So, how can we overcome these limits?

“We always have the tendency – concludes Mastromauro – to render things  straightforward, to catalog, to schematize  anything that concerns the body,  something that can never be because each individual has its own unique way of functioning thanks to the power of nature. Rather, we should let ourselves go and “listen” to our body that has so many things to tell us and that can self-restore itself and lead  us to good health”.